OMBC announces Changes to Cme cycle

Effective January 1, 2018 the Continuing Medical Education Cycle (CME) will change from three (3) to two (2)  years.  This change in the CME cycle will align with the two (2) year license renewal cycle.  Under this new CME cycle change, licensees will have to complete 100 hours (to include a minimum of 40 AOA 1A or 1B hours).  Physicians will be required to submit documentation of the 100 hours in the two (2) years preceding your license renewal.    For more information regarding this change please click on the following link: 



pharmacies rejecting secure prescription forms

Select pharmacies have begun rejecting prescriptions for Schedule II medications when the secure form does not include the required check-box for quantity.  According to the California Board of Pharmacy, the quantity check-box is an existing legal requirement, however some printers were issuing prescription pads with other options for designating quantity.  Certain pharmacies are now refusing to fill prescriptions written on the out of compliance forms.  If you are in possession of forms that do no specifically have check-box options for quantity, you should contact your printer immediately to secure new forms.  In the meantime, patients having difficulty filling a prescription on a form without the check-box option may have success at a different pharmacy.

Below is the language of the current statue:

(7) (A) Six quantity check off boxes shall be printed on the form so that the prescriber may indicate the quantity by checking the applicable box where the following quantities shall appear: 1-24 25-49 50-74 75-100 101-150 151 and over. (B) In conjunction with the quantity boxes, a space shall be provided to designate the units referenced in the quantity boxes when the drug is not in tablet or capsule form.

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