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The Los Angeles County Osteopathic Medical Association meets on the third Wednesday of every other month.

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Virginia Johnson, DO, President

Martin J. Porcelli, DO, Vice President

John Kowalczk, DO, Treasurer Herman Bell, DO, Secretary


Regional Affiliate Associations have been established to provide local CME opportunities on a city or countywide basis, as well as to develop osteopathic statewide leadership. CME protocols as stated for OPSC will be adhered to. CME will be issued by OPSC (when approved by the AOA) when provided with evidence of the CME programs and signed list of attendees. The Presidents of the OPSC regional affiliates are requested to attend the annual meeting and present reports to the membership concerning the activities of each local organization, said reports to be pre-submitted to the central office, in written form, three weeks prior to the annual meeting. All regional affiliates must have bylaws approved by the OPSC Board of Directors.


LACOMA (Los Angeles County Osteopathic Medical Association)
AUTHORITY: Action of the Board of Directors, December 1978.







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