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2017 Fall Conference Documents and Evaluations
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2017 Fall Conference Program Guide (click to download)


2017 Fall Conference Syllabus (click to download)


Click on dates to open the list of lectures for that day
Lecture Start Faculty Lecture (Click titles for slides, if available) Evals Open 9/8/17
1:00pm Steve Kamajian, DO, CMD, FACOFP The Power of Empathy Evaluation
2:00pm Jorge Moreno, DO Compassion – Shared Presence Evaluation
3:00pm Break Exhibit Viewing
3:30pm William Fulton, DO, FACOS Colon Cancer Screening and Management Evaluation
4:30pm Michael Clearfield, DO The New Deadly Quartet for Cardiovascular Disease Evaluation
5:30pm Edward Barnes, MD An Update on Chronic Kidney Disease Evaluation
Workshop (4:00pm): Peer-Led Osteopathic Education Session
6:30pm Welcome Reception Exhibit Hall
Lecture Start Faculty Lecture (Click titles for slides, if available) Evals Open 9/9/17
7:00am David Wang, DO The Role of Interventional Radiology in Cancer Treatment and Palliative Care Evaluation
8:00am John Zopfi, DO, FACOS Outpatient Osteopathic Assessment and Treatment of Trauma Patients Evaluation
9:00am Jonathan Terry, DO, ABHIM Substance Use Disorder: Review of Best Practices Evaluation
10:0am Break Exhibit Viewing
10:30am Shorin Nemeth, DO, FACOI ER/LA Opioids REMS: Achieving Safe Use while Improving Patient Care Evaluation
12:30pm Lunch [provided]
1:00pm Bradley Wajda, DO Pharmacogenetics in Primary Care Evaluation
2:00pm Ross Bogey, DO Neuro-Rehabilitation for the Primary Care Physician Evaluation
3:00pm Break Exhibit Viewing
3:30pm Stefan Hagopian, DO Empathy – Evidence of Differing Empathy Levels Among Physicians and Students Evaluation
4:30pm Dan Gilbert, DO Testicular Pain and Associated Conditions Evaluation
5:30pm David Matian, DO Utilization Review in California’s Workers’ Comp. Evaluation
Workshop (10:30am): Stefan Hagopian, DO Osteopathic Approach to Extremities Evaluation
Workshop (1:00pm): John Zopfi, DO and Melissa Pearce, DO OMM for Trauma Patients After Hospital Discharge Evaluation
Workshop (4:30pm): Stefan Hagopian, DO & Jorge Moreno, DO Empathy and Compassion Evaluation
Time Faculty Lecture (Click titles for slides, if available) Evals Open 9/10/17
7:00am Virginia Johnson, DO, FAAO Tongue Ties: Why the Controversy? Evaluation
8:00am Clipper Young, PharmD, MPH, CDE, BC-ADM Understanding Respiratory Inhalers to Optimize Therapeutic Outcomes Evaluation
9:00am Ann Wexler, MD Deconstructing the CBC Evaluation
10:00am Jesse Dominguez, MD Preoperative Surgical Home Evaluation
11:00am Gail Feinberg, DO End of Life Evaluation


Attestation of Hours and Conference Evaluation (Click between 9/10/17 and 11/12/17 to begin. Hours will be awarded after receipt of completed Attestation. Max. Hours = 20)


CO*RE REMS Learner Assessment (REQUIRED to receive credits for Opioid Lecture on Saturday from 10:30am - 12:30pm)


2015 H Street, Sacramento, CA 95811

(916) 822-5246

(916) 822-5247