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Physician Volunteer Roles/Definitions
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Members have a variety of volunteer opportunities to support colleagues , DOs in training, and pre-med students.

There are also volunteer opportunities for members at OPSC events.




Physician Volunteer Roles & Definitions


Ambassador: [volunteerAn ambassador is an official representative of OPSC.  The role of ambassador is a very distinguished one; he/she is responsible for welcoming and orienting new members to the association.  An ambassador must be up-to-date on issues involving the association and be able to impart this knowledge to new members.  They must be knowledgeable about what the best interests of the association/profession are, and what their goals should be when engaging in discussions with new members.

Key duties:

  • Contact member shortly after notification of assignment

  • Arrange to meet sometime after initial contact

  • Provide member with contact information (Email, office phone, or mobile)

  • Invite member to attend an OPSC sponsored meeting with you (Regional Affiliate, Annual Convention, or Fall Conference)

  • Link new members to local regional affiliate organization

  • Educate member on the role the association can have on their careers

  • Define ways the member can become involved in the association (Mentor, committee volunteer, preceptor, or ambassador)

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Key Contact:  [volunteer] Key Contacts are the heart of advocacy efforts for the osteopathic profession. Key Contacts provide the most direct route for interaction with local legislators on issues of importance to the profession and enable DOs to play a "hands-on" role in shaping the future environment for the practice of osteopathic medicine in California. 

Mentor: [volunteer] The guidance of a mentor can be irreplaceable in the development of aspiring medical students and residents.  By imparting advice that only comes with experience, you can help define the next generation of great osteopathic physicians in California!

A ideal mentor should: 


  • Challenge and encourage success

  • Suggest and create networking opportunities

  • Provide advice on professional and or CV development

  • Assess progress/boost confidence

  • Be available for open/honest discussion

As a mentor you may select your level of involvement.  Please select one of the “Availability” options on the volunteer form” when completing your application.

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Preceptor:  [volunteerA preceptor is an experienced practitioner who facilitates clinical learning to medical student and staff learners.  A preceptor works with the learner to help achieve the clinical acumen and competency required for safe, ethical and quality practice.  Preceptor must be recognized and approved by the associated osteopathic medical school and thus require formal affiliation in order to participate

Responsibilities include:

  • Supporting clinical learning experiences/opportunities
  • Facilitating growth in clinical knowledge, skills and decision making
  • Developing competency in the specialty of training
  • Fostering professionalism

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Shadowing: [volunteerPhysicians who allow students to shadow are knowledgeable, supportive individuals who provide information and guidance to pre-med students who are contemplating a career in osteopathic medicine. The role of the advisor is to allow the student to observe a "typical" day in the practice to better understand the physician's scope of practice, patient interaction and role in an integrated healthcare system.  Premed students often seek a shadowing experience in order to obtain a letter of recommendation for their application to osteopathic medical schools.

Chair of the Day: [volunteer]  
The chairs of the day shall act in the capacity of moderator/master of ceremonies at the Annual Convention or Fall Conference for the day in which s/he has been selected to chair.

Specific duties of the chair include:

  • Keep the program flowing as scheduled
  • Introduce speakers
  • May assist speakers in moderating Q/A sessions
  • Make daily housekeeping announcements
  • Take estimated counts of attendance at beginning and end of each lecture
  • Thank presenter at the end of each lecture and presents thank you gift
  • Co-ordinate with OPSC staff regarding program changes and announcement updates
  • Monitor quality of sound and video and notify staff and/or in-room technician of any difficulties

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OMT Educator: [volunteer] To maintain the continued value of the Osteopathic Diagnosis and Treatment Education sessions at our Annual Conventions and Fall Conferences, OPSC is looking for DOs with strong OMT skills to volunteer 1-2 hours of their time during those events to demonstrate and discuss manipulation techniques with their fellow DOs. We encourage you to help continue our osteopathic traditions and legacy through osteopathic treatment

education of DOs.

Lecture Presenter/Speaker: [Submit Presenter Application for OPSC's 2018 Fall Conference]  OPSC's Education Committee is always on the lookout for potential lecture topics and speakers.  If interested in volunteering to present, please be ready with your topic area and a short description of your proposed lecture.  You will also be asked to upload your CV/qualifications as part of your submission.  If you have multiple topics you are interested in presenting, you must submit a separate form for each one.

Why Volunteer?

According to a 2013 Health and Volunteering Study conducted by UnitedHealth Group, “doing good is good for you”.  Volunteers report that they:

  • Feel better – physically, mentally, emotionally

  • Have lower stress levels

  • Feel a deeper connection to their communities

  • Are more engaged in taking care of their health

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