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2019-20 Legislative Update

The California Legislature has hit their stride making significant progress on the 2,500 bills introduced this year. All remaining and eligible bills have made it through their house of origin and heard by at least one policy committee in the second house. To use a sports analogy, we have reached halftime and the Legislature is taking their month-long summer break returning for action on August 12. The 2nd half is condensed into a two-month race to secure passage in the legislature and a Governor’s signature. The final month of the legislature tends to be the most active and unpredictable time in the Capitol. Nearly all pending bills will need to pass an Appropriations Committee test and two full floor votes (Assembly and Senate) before reaching the Governor’s desk for his signature or veto. Legislators are narrowing their focus while getting some insights from the administration on last minutes changes needed to secure the Governor’s support. Governor Newsom then has until October 13 to act on all bills that reach his desk at the end of session.

This year, of course, is different because we have a new Governor that has never had to decide the fate of hundreds of bills. Except for a few bills, the Governor has yet to show his cards making it difficult for legislators to know how he will act once the bills reach his desk. This is fairly standard as most Governor’s wait until the end of the legislative process before making their opinions known. Gavin Newsom has largely worked well with this legislature which shares many of his philosophical beliefs and policy goals, but it’s inevitable that he will veto certain bills. How that dynamic plays out and the impact it will have on his relationship with legislators is an unwritten chapter that will be revealed later this year.

OPSC is actively involved in a number of issues and will be monitoring dozens more. Click here for the complete update.


Giving osteopathic physicians a Voice

Giving DOs a voice in the California state legislature and protecting the practice of medicine in California.  Our success in advocacy is due to the combined efforts of our physician members and OPSC, developing and maintaining meaningful relationships with policy-makers throughout the state. 


Osteopathic physicians work in partnership with OPSC to protect the practice of medicine in California.  You are the osteopathic profession's presence at the local level.  With your support, we can be a stronger voice for DOs and patients throughout California.

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