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2018 Fall Conference Faculty Submissions

Welcome to the Call for Presenters Review page for the 2018 Fall Conference.  Below, I have listed out all of the submissions received prior to the June 8th submission deadline.

You will notice that submitter names have been omitted.  That is intentional at this point so that each submission can be evaluated based on the merits of the information submitted.  Names will be revealed after the review period ends on June 17th and will be available during our review discussion on the Committee's June 21st conference call.

Please click on a lecture title below to access the information for your review.  That will also lead you directly to the scoring evaluation for that lecture; you may only fill out the scoring evaluation once per submission.  These links will remain active through June 17th.  Results will be included in the call materials for June 21st.

# Title System(s) Thread(s)
1 Surgical Obstetrics Repro/GU Adult
2 Benign Breast Disease Repro/GU Adult
3 Point of Care Ultrasound for the Primary Care Physician Cardio, Gastro, MSK, Renal, Respir Adult, Peds, Tech
4 Pediatric Sleep Disorders Beyond Obstructive Sleep Apnea Respir (?) Peds
5 Emerging Treatments and Prevention of Secondary Injury in Concussion Neuro, OMM OccMed, OPP, Public
6 The Clinical Efficacy of Mesenteric Lift OMT to Relieve Constipation in Intensive Care Unit Patients Neuro, OMM Adult Complementary
7 Back Pain's Contribution to the National Opioid Crisis: Comparison of Early Treatment and Opioid Use; Is There a Socioeconomic Difference? Neuro, OMM Complementary, OccMed, OPP, Palliative, Public
8 Unified Theory for Chronic Low Back Pain MSK, OMM Adult, OPP
9 Advances in Hernia Repair Gastro, MSK, OMM Adult, OPP
10 Influenza Pandemic Preparedness for Clinicians on the Front Line ID/Immunology Public
11 Detox Protocol for Acute Alcohol and Drug Withdrawal Pysch Adult
12 Marijuana and Pain: A Blunt Assessment Other Palliative
13 ABC's of Osteopathic Medicine Cardio, Gasrto, Repro/GU, Respir OPP
14 Nutrition in Surgical Patients Gastro Adult
15 Hemodynamic Monitoring Gastro Adult
16 Traumatic Brain Injury Adult
17 Cancer Chemotherapy: Where we were, where we are, and where we will go Hem/Onc Adult
18 Alkaline Water and Acid Reflux Gastro, Other Adult, Complementary, Preventative
19 Understanding Side Effects of Immune Therapy in Cancer Hem/Onc, ID/Immunology Adult, Politics
20 Diversity and Inclusivity in Medicine - Bridging the Gap of Misunderstanding Other Ethics/Prof
21 Enhancing Cognitive Function and Reversing Cognitive Decline Neuro Adult, Complementary, Geriatrics, Preventative
22 Pearls and Pitfall of starting MAT Practice Other Other
23 An Introduction to Facilitated Positional Release MSK, Neuro, OMM OPP
24 The Fascial Distortion Model:  A Different Approach to Fascia MSK, OMM OPP
25 Electroconvulsive therapy Psych Other
26 Cardiac Screening and Sudden Cardiac Death in the Athlete Cardio, MSK, Neuro Peds, Politics, Public
27 Should Youth Tackle Football be Eliminated? Cardio, MSK, Neuro Peds, Politics, Public
28 Pediatric Emergencies in the Primary Care Office None/Other Peds
29 Medical Licensure & Opoid Crisis: The Nexus of Patient Care None/Other Adult, Business, Palliative, Public, Tech, Other
30 Either: Type 1 Diabetes: Who, Why & How (or) Type 1 Diabetes: Implications for Primary Care Physicians Endo, ID/Immunology Complementary, Peds
31 Update in Atrial Fibrillation, Management and Treatment of a Common Arrhythmia
Cardio Adult
32 Advances in the Evaluation and Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Respir Adult Med, Peds, Public, Tech
33 The Art of Giving Feedback Other/None Business, Ethics, Other
34 Improving Chronic Pain Patients' Quality of Life with Cutting Edge Technology Musculoskeletal Palliative
35 Hospice 101:  A Primer for the PCP/Hospitalist None/Other Palliative
36 Osteoporosis: An Update on Treatment Options MSK Adult
37 Incontinence in the Female Patient for the Primary Care Physician Repro/GU Adult
38 The Hidden Life of Women Other/None Public Health
39 What would Dr. Mcgee do? Difficult patient encounters Psych Ethics
40 Enhancing patient safety: Using high fidelity simulation and Team Steps for medical office staff training Other/None Tech
41 The Red Eye HEENT Other
42 Infectious Diseases Updates ID/Immunology Adult
TB Updates ID/Immunology, Respir Preventative, Public, Other
44 Everything You Wanted to Know About E-Cigarettes but Afraid to Ask Respir Adult
Gut-Skin Axis: The Role of the Microbiome, Probiotics, and Prebiotics Derm, Gastro Adult, Complementary, Peds, Preventative, Public
Atrial Fibrillation For the Primary Care Physician Cardio Adult, Geriatrics
Palliative Care/ pediatrics/difficult conversations Psych Palliative, Peds
Vitamin K-dependent antagonist coagulopathy secondary to synthetic cannabinoid use Hem/Onc Public
49 ACE inhibitor induced angioedema ID/Imm Adult
50 Common complaints in spinal cord injury population in primary care setting and Emergency room Neuro Preventative

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