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2019 Fall Conference Faculty Submissions

Welcome to the Call for Presenters Review page for the 2019 Fall Conference.  Below, I have listed out all of the submissions received prior to the submission deadline.  If you have submitted a lecture for consideration or have any other potential conflict of interest with a submission, please do not score that one.

This will be a "blind" review; submitter names have been omitted.  Names will be revealed to the Curriculum Work Group in preparation for Round 2 discussions.

Click here to view the packet of Submissions, in numerical order.  If the Needs Assessment is noted as "See attached", you will find the link for that to the left of the scoring link for that lecture.

You may only fill out the scoring evaluation once per submission.  These links will remain active through May 20th.

# Title Links below open new windows
1 The Dizzy Patient: A Neurologist’s Perspective for the Busy Primary Care Provider Score Submission 1
2 Update in Atrial Fibrillation, Management and Treatment of a Common Arrhythmia Needs AssessmentScore Submission 2
3 The Neurobiology of the mind, body, spirit unity Needs AssessmentScore Submission 3
4 Substance Use Disorders - The what, where, when, why and HOW Needs AssessmentScore Submission 4
5 Time Restricted Eating A New Paradigm in Treating Metabolic Disease Score Submission 5
6 Chronic Opioid Use and Sleep Disordered Breathing Needs AssessmentScore Submission 6
7 Probiotics: Facts and Fiction Score Submission 7
8 Financial Knowledge and Financial Freedom for Doctors Score Submission 8
9 Pre Op Assesment and common EKG findings Score Submission 9
10 Choosing wisely - why you should (or should not) be ordering that test Score Submission 10
11 Talking " The Talk", exploring Goals of Care Needs Assessment | Score Submission 11
12 Psychosomatic Medicine: an empirical review of of emotional trauma as a causative and sustaining factor in chronic disease Score Submission 12
13 Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine for the Cervical Spine Score Submission 13
14 Preparing to Survive Medical Practice in a Value Based Market Score Submission 14
15 Constipation: Managing The Easy and Tough Cases Score Submission 15
16 Visualizing the Effect of osteopathic lymphatic techniques on immune system in normal subjects Score Submission 16
17 Shift Your Mindset, Change Your Life Score Submission 17
18 Comprehensive Mental Health Needs AssessmentScore Submission 18
19 Cognitive Decline, Dementia, Alzheimer's and…hope? Score Submission 19
20 Performance Coaching in the Workplace Score Submission 20
21 Superficial venous thrombosis Needs Assessment | Score Submission 21
22 To burn or not to burn: How and why we should minimize childhood radiation exposure in trauma Score Submission 22
23 Chinese Post-Partum Practices, the old and the new Score Submission 23
24 Coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever) for Primary Care Provider Score Submission 24
25 Eradicating dementia: Early detection and early intervention for Alzheimer’s disease Score Submission 25
26 Control and Prevention of Nosocomial RSV Pneumonia in Neonates and Immunocompromised Adult Populations Score Submission 26
27 Screening for Breast Cancer: How to Make Sense of Conflicting Guidelines Score Submission 27
28 Hyperbaric Oxygen Score Submission 28
29 Virtual Care- Telehealth, Advanced Artificial Intelligence, and Emerging Technologies Changing the Traditional Practice of Medicine Score Submission 29
30 Lance Adams Syndrome Score Submission 30
31 Pharmacologic and Non-Pharmacologic Alternatives to Opioids Score Submission 31
32 Oconoplasty Needs AssessmentScore Submission 32
33 The Impact of Social Media and Office Environment on your Practice
Score Submission 33
34 Spinal Cord Injuries and the PCP Score Submission 34
35 Scientific Method in Education Score Submission 35
36 Service and emotional support animals – the role of the physician in determining need Score Submission 36
37 Physician Suicide, Burnout, and Self-Care Score Submission 37
38 Foodborne Illnesses, US and Global Food Security Challenges Score Submission 38
39 Osteopathic Techniques for Improving Lymphatic Drainage Score Submission 39
40 Lawsuit Prevention / “Understanding Business Tools Used to Eliminate Lawsuits and Increase Tax Savings”
Score Submission 40
41 C. difficile Infection: Improving Provider-Patient Communication to Hasten Diagnosis and Treatment
Score Submission 41
 42  So the Wound Won't Heal; Now What?  Needs Assessment | Score Submission 42

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