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2020 Faculty Submissions

Welcome to the Call for Presenters Review page for OPSC's 2020 programs.  Below, I have listed out all of the submissions received prior to November 5th.  If you have submitted a lecture for consideration or have any other potential conflict of interest with a submission, please do not score that one.

This will be a "blind" review; submitter names have been omitted.  Names will be revealed to the Curriculum Work Group in preparation for Round 2 discussions.

Click here to view the packet of Submissions, in numerical order.  If the Needs Assessment is noted as "See additional pages online", you will find the link for that to the left of the scoring link for that lecture.

You may only fill out the scoring evaluation once per submission.  These links will remain active through November 17th.

# Title Links below open new windows
1 What Healthcare Providers Need To know about Physician Burnout & Suicide: Empowering Healthcare Providers to Prioritize Their Health & Decrease Burnout Needs Assessment | Score Submission 1
2 Care of the Bariatric Patient: Exploring the Role of the Primary Care Provider in Preparing For Bariatric Surgery and Delivering Long Term PostOp Care Score Submission 2
3 WILD WEST MEDICINE PART I Score Submission 3
4 An Osteopathic Approach to Thoracic Outlet Syndromes (TOS) Score Submission 4
5 Pixated: Counseling Patients on the Risks Associated with Excessive Screen Time Use Score Submission 5
7 WILD WEST MEDICINE PART 2 Score Submission 7
8 This submission intentionally removed (duplicate)  
9 Medical Concerns in Adaptive Athletes Score Submission 9
11 Unconscious Exposure:  How physicians unknowingly increase the odds of cancer for their patients (and themselves), and how to mitigate the risk Score Submission 11
12 Direct oral anticoagulant, which one to choose? Needs Assessment | Score Submission 12
13 Osteopathy at a Crossroads: How do we move forward? Score Submission 13
14 Outpatient EKG interpretation Score Submission 14
15 Time Restricted Eating A Powerful Principle for the Treatment of Metabolic Symptoms Score Submission 15
16 Optimizing EHR Governance to Improve the User Experience Needs Assessment | Score Submission 16
17 Multiple options - see submission document for details Score Submission 17
18 EHR Professional Liability Trends and Risk Reduction Strategies Score Submission 18
19 When Anxiety is Not Anxiety.  When ADHD is Not ADHD Score Submission 19
20 Brain Drain: Examining the mechanism of injury and management options of Post Dural Puncture Headache Score Submission 20
21 Acute cannabis toxicy in children Score Submission 21
22 Update on Tuberculosis Score Submission 22
23 Diversity and Inclusion Score Submission 23
24 Leadership Influence (Keynote address) Score Submission 24
25 Work Life balance for osteopathic physicians and surgeons Score Submission 25
26 Clinical Strain Countestrain OMT Techniques for Headache Score Submission 26
27 How to OMM as a Resident: Approach to your own OMM Visits Score Submission 27
28 An Averted Cardiac Emergency _ A Case Report on Wellens' Sign Score Submission 28
29 Changing Attitudes Toward Care of Patients With Opioid Use Disorder Via Gamified Learning Score Submission 29
30 Biotensegrity Considerations in the Setting of Chronic Lumbopelvic Pain Score Submission 30
31 Is it a urinary tract infection or not? Score Submission 31
32 Seven Secrets for Having Patient Patients (and being a happier, more effective physician) Score Submission 32

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